We specialize in making the best "Take-N-Bake" Pizza in the Twin Cities area.  We are a locally owned and operated.  If you are a first time visitor to our website, take your time and view the combinations on the right.  We can make it any way you like it. 
The Acropolis- $13.60 $16.55 $19.25 
*A Mediteranian delight! Olive oil and spice blend sauce, garlic chicken, Roma tomatoes, kalamata olives, minced garlic, red onions & feta cheese
The Barn Burner- $12.95 $15.40 $18.15 
*For those who dare! Spicy Buffalo sauce, jalapeno bacon, Buffalo chicken, hot banana peppers, jalapeno peppers & pepperjack cheese
The Canadian Pine- $11.45 $13.20 $14.85 
Canadian bacon & pineapple
The Denali- $12.70 $14.70 $16.70 
garlic chicken, red onions, & gorgonzola cheese
The Feisty Burro- $13.60 $16.55 $19.25 
*Taco sauce, seasoned taco meat, yellow onions, black olives, Roma tomatoes & cheddar cheese
The Forest Fire- $12.70 $14.70 $16.70 
Buffalo chicken, jalapeno bacon & Italian sausage
The Garden- $12.95 $15.40 $18.15 
black olives, mushrooms, onion medley, roma tomatoes & green peppers
The Grand Teton- $13.60 $16.55 $19.25 
garlic chicken, red onions, fresh spinach, minced garlic, Roma tomatoes, fresh rosemary & asiago cheese
The Great Smoky Mountain- $12.70 $14.70 $16.70 
crispy bacon, fresh spinach & Roma tomatoes
The Grizzly Bear- $12.95 $15.40 $18.15 
Canadian bacon, pepperoni, Italian Sausage, crispy bacon & ground beef
The Jackpine Savage- $13.60 $16.55 $19.25 
*Alfredo sauce, garlic chicken, jalapeno bacon, roasted peppers and onions & pepperjack cheese
The Kodiak- $13.60 $16.55 $19.25 
King of the grizzly bears! Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, ground beef, crispy bacon, mushrooms, onion medley & jalapeno peppers for extra bite!
The Lumberjack- $13.60 $16.55 $19.25 
*BBQ sauce, BBQ chicken, red onions, banana pepper rings, crispy bacon, Roma tomatoes & pineapple
The Mighty Oak- $12.95 $15.40 $18.15 
pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, onion medley & green peppers
The Sunset- $12.95 $15.40 $18.15 
crispy bacon, Italian sausage, onion medley, green peppers, Roma tomatoes & cheddar cheese
The Up Nort'- $12.70 $14.70 $16.70 
ground beef, yellow onions, crispy bacon, sliced dill pickles & cheddar
The Voyagers- $13.60 $16.55 $19.25 
artichoke hearts, minced garlic, fresh spinach, onion medley, kalamata olives, Roma tomatoes & feta cheese
The Wild Buffalo- $12.70 $14.70 $16.70 
*spicy Buffalo Sauce, Buffalo chicken, bleu cheese & celery
The Woodland- $13.60 $16.55 $19.25 
pepperoni, Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, onion medley, green peppers, mushrooms, green and black olives
The Yellowstone- $12.95 $15.40 $18.15 
garlic chicken, minced garlic, fresh rosemary & gorgonzola cheese
The Yosemite- $13.60 $16.55 $19.25 
artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, onion medley & kalamata olives
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We believe pizza is personal.  Everyone has their own idea of what ingredients make the best pizza flavor.  We have listened to our customers feedback and crafted the best choices Minnesota has to offer.  It is for this reason we offer 16 traditional combo pizzas and 11 gourmet combo Pizzas.  In addition, we can create pretty much anything you can dream up.

All of our pizzas, be it your creation or ours, will be handcrafted with our own fresh, hand-tossed dough, any of our 7 sauces, and our three cheese blend.

Our Take-N-Bake pizza offers the widest variety, freshest ingredients, and the best mix of flavors around.

Over the last twenty years, we have been perfecting our recipes.  We encourage you to explore and expand your horizons!
Our dine-in, personal pizzas, sandwiches, and salads are delicious!
Enjoy our dine-in menu from 11:00am-8:30pm

Weekly Specials
Must mention at time of order. One coupon per order. Not valid with any other offers.  Offers may end without notice.
Monday Fun Day
Add up to 3 more ingredients to any size pizza at no additional charge (must answer pizzeria trivia question)

$2 For Tuesday 
Any Medium (12"), Large (14"), or Family Size (16") pizza‐ $2 off every pizza.

Wing Wednesday ‐
Purchase any Family size pizza of your choice‐ Receive a "5 piece wings" ready to bake at no charge

Triple Play Thursday‐
Buy any Large (14”) or Family (16”) Sized pizza ‐ and receive a 3 piece cheesy bread @ no charge.

Woodland Weekends (Friday‐Sunday)
Buy any Med, Large or Family size pizza at regular price‐ get the 2nd one @ $2 off and get the 3rd one @ $3 off.

New Move‐in coupons (must have coupon)
Buy any size cheese pizza ‐ and receive up to 3 toppings @ no charge.

Charitable Groups or Charitable Events: (call for details)
Buy 5 or more any Family size pizzas‐ and receive $5 off each pizza.